Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Teeth.

I have a Zoology degree.  I've taught thousands of schoolchildren about animals in my 7+ years as a naturalist.  I even know crazy animal facts like, male elephant seal pups get their adult canine teeth later than their female counterparts, allowing them to nurse longer and get bigger.  I know some stuff, but somehow I did not know that kittens lose their baby teeth.  So yesterday, when Limuw made a bunch of smacking sounds with his mouth and then spit out a tooth, I freaked out.  Turns out he'd just lost a milk tooth, and when I looked in his mouth I saw this was actually the second tooth he'd lost.   I wonder where I'll find that other tooth...  In my bed?  In his food dish?  When I clean out the litter box?

Purring the whole time!  Check out those new, little canines on the bottom.  I wonder if he's offended by the use of the word canine to describe things in his feline mouth?

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